Imagine no possessions, I amazement if you can
No involve for covetousness or hunger, of brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people, allocation all the world

John Lennon

It was an feel that I'll remind for a bimestrial juncture to locomote. Not that it was excessively vigorous or terrain breaking, but I'll bring to mind it for what it created in me: a malnourishment to learn going on for others. A hebdomad or so ago, Judy and I contracted that we'd like to have a number of friends concluded for meal on Saturday day. So, back preparation what we'd cook, we fixed on who we could fry for. We have been glorious beside a lot of very good friends, and we could have had 10 of them done and had a delightful time, but we settled that we looked-for to do thing contrasting. We needed to have citizens terminated who would add an factor to the spoken communication that we couldn't get all day. We wanted to have a spoken language with inhabitants who could really offer a contrary perspective on what we clench for given breathing here in Canada. This person said, we definite to request one small indefinite amount from this vastness who are surely delightful at production ethnic group cognizance comfortable, different small indefinite amount who are friends of ours who hail from Jordan but now singing in Saint John, other small indefinite quantity from Jamaica who is now present body here in Sussex, my female offspring Shannan and her young man and my 16 twelvemonth old daughter Lauren.

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Well, the day went perfectly, but what stand out peak for me was the dialogue that we had with Majd, a stunningly pretty-pretty and smooth-tongued puppylike woman from Jordan. Just as we were having a brief break in the conversation, her hubby Souraj said, "Majd, tell them going on for your experiences in Ramallah." She past told us a gripping narrative of what happened when she was active to institute in Ramallah, Palestine. She told us of how one daytime when they were in their dorms they detected the boom of hundreds of tanks reverberative into town, and how, for 21 days, they were prisoners in their own rooms, forced to sit in the dark and perceive to the grenades and bombs outside as the town was virtually flattened by the tanks. They worn out the time talking, praying, inquiring for hay and merely ready. One person, after a week or so of person left high and dry filling his room, looked out his windowpane to see what was happening, and he was colorful.

I'm glad the liberty was a little bit dim and that I was on the other edge of it, because everyone would have seen a hole or two from me, though, I'm confident I wasn't the lonesome one. "How could this happen?" I thought. What is going on to the peak demand that was and is the supposition of each and every mysticism that I cognise of; Love your near.

Those visions stayed near me furthermost of the daytime and agelong into the night. As I lay in bed at iii in the antemeridian this morning, I started thinking:

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What if population put their hate foray and really listened to each others necessarily and wants, would that come to an end the wars?

What if family respected the design and beliefs of another nations and religions, would that discover dialogue?

What if relatives in actuality got on and unconcealed that here was no inevitability for borders any longer, would that halt the humorous of ingenuous people?

What if vivacity wasn't roughly how substantially you can make or how glorious and how speedy you can ascend the business firm ladder, would that finish the poverty?

What if ethnic group did one article a day to support mortal other in need interrogative for something in return, would that assist to discover a knowingness of connectedness?

What if or else of incarcerating family for crimes against others and lockup them trailing walls out of vision of people, we qualified them how to get along, would that aid come to an end crime?

What if each one did as we did ultimate day and common a lunchtime next to ancestors from else nations, tariff and religions, would that figure a planetary of considerate and friendship?

What's your "what if"? Better yet, what are you liable to do to generate peace in your communities or in your world? Are you waiting for the politicians to solve the world, country, provincial or provincial crises? If that's the case, you'll be ready a monthlong time, because it seems that if there's no policy-making or of my own addition in a route for someone, then there's a hot hit and miss that zero will get through. Lately, social relation seems to be all roughly ego than thing other. No, if thing is to be done, it is us, you and me, who must do it. Look at what happened in the Ukraine when the individuals aforesaid "enough!"

This week, why not do what Judy and I did. Get to cognise the population who are traveling in this world beside you. Seek out polar society from assorted cultures. Invite them into your family to stock a buffet and do what you can to sort them awareness at residence. Just get to cognize and get them: What you'll find is friendship, what you'll invent is order.

Make this your greatest period ever!



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