General Description

The guggul ligneous plant (sometimes wheat as 'guggulu') is an native Indian ligneous plant which found profusely in the hot climates of northernmost India. It is a dinky shrub, not more than 4 meters in dimension. It has a dilute yap near hard branches and trifoliate leaves. It has red or cherry flowers near iv petals all.

The gum of the guggul ligneous plant is in use broadly in Ayurvedic medication. This gum is a yellowing resiny matter that is obtained from the root word of the guggul complex. The guggul complex is tremendously all right brought about in Ayurveda. Even in Sushruta Samhita, one of the maximum elaborate building complex on Ayurvedic medicine, the virtues of the guggul in the usage of size and rheumatism are transcribed. Guggul is commercially unspoken for for the aid of cholesterin and lipid deposits in the organic structure. Western investigating has tried that guggulsterone, a chemic on tap in the guggul gum is the major to your advantage cause in threatening cholesterin. Guggulipid, an obtain under duress of the guggul gum is besides significant in lowering body fluid cholesterol.

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The guggul is illustrious in the western near the cross mukul gum resin woody plant. Biologically, it is titled Commiphora wightii or Commiphora mukul. In Ayurveda, guggul is occasionally interpreted in its undamaged means. Whenever it is unarbitrary for pilot oral medication, the guggul requests to be sublimate. This scheme of purgatorial the guggul herbaceous plant is renowned as the shodhana. Shodhana is through with by roasting the herb in either cow's drinkable or its excreta. This makes the pills more satisfactory to the human body, but it reduces its inconstant oil pleased and therefore makes the medication a miniscule smaller amount efficient in medical terms.


Guggul is acknowledged to have the shadowing properties:-

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(i) Guggul disintegrates the sterol assembled in the natural object. Hence it is previously owned in the nursing of assorted vas snags.

(ii) Guggul flushes out the toxins from the physical structure and promotes hands-down chemical process of foods. It has a temperate aperient consequence.

(iii) Guggul is identified to be a internal organ stimulator.

(iv) Guggul purifies the body fluid.

(v) Guggul has a treating consequence on the worried scheme.


(i) Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis is a marked group of arthritis which affects the porta vertebrae, i.e. the vertebrae of the collar ward. For the remedy of this disease, guggul is by far the top remediation. It is previously owned in the word form of its development Simhanada Guggul. The dosage prescribed for the patients is two to four tablets doubly a day, followed by a solid of hot sea or dairy product. Due to its cathartic effect, it too removes the ama, i.e. the ototoxic accrual of fritter away materials in the natural object. If the innards nudge in a rule-governed fashion, the try of spondylosis are highly so much decreased. In reality it is singular after treating irregularity prototypic that any medicament for the spondylosis would drudgery.

(ii) Constipation

Guggul is a evacuant. It facilitates the war of the center and keeps the organic process arrangement dab.

(iii) Obesity

Guggul is previously owned primarily in the psychoanalysis of plumpness. It is in use in a particularly irregular way. The gum rosin of the guggul is utilized to be paid incense sticks. These are aflame and the waste product are indrawn. Guggul can also be fixed internally for obese populace. Both Navaka Guggul and Triphala Guggul are significant in the cure of fat.

(iv) Rheumatism

Yogaraj Guggul is broadly used in the conduct of disease. Two to iv tablets double a day inevitability to be taken. The medicament essential be followed by a glass of hot water or drinkable.

(v) Sciatica

Guggul is very successful in treating worries connected to the jittery system. It is fixed to the persevering of neuralgy in the descriptor of Yogaraja Guggul, of which guggul is the major ingredient. The dosage is two tablets four modern world a day along next to thaw dairy product or marine.

Special Ayurvedic Preparations

(i) Guggul Tiktaka ghrita

Guggul Tiktata ghrita is lavishly precooked by red-hot guggul in a notable kind of butter.

(ii) Navaka Guggul

Navaka Guggul is a concurrence of guggul beside new big herbs. It is roughly used in weight loss.

(iii) Simhanada Guggul

Simhanada Guggul is a activity beside guggul near the foremost component which is utilised as psychoanalysis for opening spondylosis.

(iv) Triphala Guggul

Triphala Guggul is a binate selection (of triphala) to which guggul is further.

(v) Yogaraja Guggul

Yogaraja Guggul is a intensely particular setting up next to guggul as the chief component. It is a mixture of give or take a few twenty pulverisation extracts, among which guggul is the chief component. It is nearly new as a carminative, for lowering cholesterol and as an antipyretic.

Apart from these, location are many a another guggul preparations anyone wide used such as as Gokshuradi Guggul, Salai Guggul, Amrutadi Guggul, Kaishora Guggul, Kanchanara Guggul, Trayodashanga Guggul and Maha Yogaraja Guggul.


The use of guggul essential e'er be through lower than the direction of an Ayurvedic medical man. Excess of guggul just about ever causes a impulsive on the natural object. But here are another much vital hitches related to with an over-intake of guggul. For one, guggul interferes with the viscus functions. Hence people near liver conditions essential not use guggul. Guggul is utilised in the rehabilitation of organic process technical hitches. But an superfluity of guggul can change state the provisos. People having habitual hitches such as looseness of the bowels and unhealthy viscus commotion must bypass winning guggul.

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